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This website is claimed by iAdventure Escape Tours and Travel Sdn Bhd “You” or “you” as used in these Terms of Service implies all people or potentially all elements that get to the website for any reason. This page contains the Terms of Use (“Terms”) that you should pursue when using this site. It would be ideal if you perused these guidelines cautiously. By entering the Site, you agree to be bound by these Terms and every significant law and rules. In the event that you don’t agree to the provision of any of these Bye-laws, kindly don’t use this website or any of the administrations gave on this website, and please leave this site.

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Limitation of ( something you owe/something you’re responsible for/disadvantage )

Should a document or other item be lost, misplaced, damaged, delayed or destroyed, Australia Visa will only be responsible if it is at fault and its (something you owe/something you’re responsible for/disadvantage) will be limited to the basic replacement cost of that item. is not responsible for items misplaced, damaged, delayed or destroyed by a delivery service or issuing authority. accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of such documents. accepts no (responsibility for/blame for) travelers electing to get on- visas. To the greatest possible extent permitted by law, leaves out/keeps out or limits any direct, indirect or resulting loss and all law-related or suggested conditions and warranties.


Any item or service accessible from this server or from this site is free from errors, PC virus or abandons or can give continuous or convenient administration;

This site is ensured by security and we won’t be in charge of any specialized imperfections, PC virus, PC crashes, PC hacking (counting blocking administration assaults), trouble entering the site, PC shutdown, benefit interruption, loss of email content, conveyance blunders or Responsible to you or any outsider for any deferral or inability to get mistakes or deficient information;

Any movement items and administrations on this site are in accordance with your necessities;

You can get the base price tag for the item and/or benefit by means of this site;

Accessibility of items and/or benefits on this site;

There are no mistakes in using this site and all product, items or administrations related with this site;

Use this site to get results

The culmination, exactness, unwavering quality and liquidity of any data, content, information, administrations, guidance or items accessible on or accessible on the Site the execution of this site may not be satisfied.

You are responsible for ensuring that you have a relevant visa or transfer station visa and a passport with a validity period of at least six months and that meets all entry and exit conditions.

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These Terms And Conditions Apply Whenever You Access Our Website, Regardless Of How Or Where You Access The Website Australia ETA Malaysia

A smooth Australian visa application process requires a clear understanding of the step-by-step lodging procedure as well as the necessary set of the documents. Using our 10 years’ experience, we ensure that all your forms are in the right order and completed in accordance with the standards of The Australian Immigration, which minimizes the possibility of visa rejection.


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