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Australia eVisitor Visa

(Subclass 651)

Australian eVisitor Visa (subclass 651)  is an online Electronic Travel Authority, the same as Canada ETA Visa, apply right from your home or mobile phone instead of visiting an Australian Embassy or High Commission.

In 2008 the first eVisitor authorisation to establish a reciprocal short stay agreement between Australian citizens and European Union citizens was implemented under the current Australian visa program.

Most international passport holders, with the exception of New Zealand residents, are required to get one form of visa for Australia before traveling to the country.  Australia ETA Visa (subclass 601) iavailable online for nationalities of eight countries and European nationalities from 34 countries may apply eVisitor Visa (subclass 651).

***You must meet the general requirements before applying an ETA.

More information about eVisitor Visa

Eligible citizen can receive the Australia eVisitor Visa online through the Australia visa application. Applicants are expected to complete the form with personal information, such as full name, nationality, address and telephone contact. All passport information page data such as document number and issue / expiry dates, will also be requested.

Before eVisitor subclass 651 visa can be issued it is important to meet the health and character criteria for Australia. Those who have spent more than 1 year in prison or have criminal record are not eligible to apply for Australia 's online ETA visa but can apply for other visa types or contact the Australian Embassy / High Commission. Applicant also must have a credit / debit card to make the ETA fees payment online.

After eVisitor Visa Approved

A valid Australian evisitor Visa allows you to

  • Tourism in Australia or visiting friends & family.
  • Visit Australia during a cruise trip.
  • Business visit, conference meeting.
  • Short course study.

Who can apply an Australia eVisitor Visa?

Nationalities from 34 countries are eligible:

Austria | Belgium | Bulgaria | Croatia | Cyprus | Czech Republic | Denmark | Estonia | Finland | France | Germany | Greece | Hungary | Iceland | Ireland | Italy | Latvia | Liechtenstein | Lithuania | Luxembourg | Malta | Monaco | The Netherlands | Norway | Poland | Portugal | Romania | San Marino | Slovakia | Slovenia | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | UK – British Citizen | Vatican City

Australia Visa Malaysia eVisitor (subclass 651)

Nationality Not Listed

If your nationality is not listed above, you will need to contact an Australian embassy or the Department of Immigration to obtain your other types of visa.

While staying in Australia

An Australian eVisitor Visa is valid for 12 months but you are only allowed to stay maximum 90 days from the date of entering to Australia. You may not exceed more than 180 days stay in Australia in 360 days. Over staying in Australia is an offense so you must make sure the validity time to time in case staying longer period. If you need to extended your visa, please contact the Australian Border & Customs office.

Visit Australia with an eVisitor Visa

Ready to travel?

Once the visa has been approved, the applicant will receive the Australian eVisitor Visa in their email inbox with the right email address. Once the applicant enters the country, he or she can then print a copy of the subclass 651 Australian Visa.

It is important to ensure that passengers have both the printed copy of the eVisitor Visa and the passport used to complete the application before leaving for the airport.

At the airport or border

All foreign nationals who arrive in Australia shall complete an Incoming Passenger Card, even eVisitor Australia visa holders as well. The document includes passenger identification and traveler entry records to Australia, and also acts as a declaration that the non-Australian resident meets the standards of health and character.

Travelers would be able to get through border control more easily if they are using one of the Smart-Gates built at Australia's most main airports, like Sydney Airport facial recognition & biometric information captured in smart-gates.

Inside Australia

When within Australia, the traveler can take advantage of their Australian eVisitor visa to travel throughout the country, as well as leave and return several times before the visa expires. While staying in Australia, if you have change phone number or email and also if a new born child then you must notify the Australian Immigration Office.

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eVisitor (subclass 651) Australia ETA Malaysia

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